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Continuously acting universal tamping machine:


Length31649 mm
Height3800 mm
Width2944 mm
Center pins distances13615/9500 mm
Wheels diameter 850 mm
Mass80 t
Travel speed100 km/h
Engine power500 kW


  1. 3 sleeper tamping unit made by six independent identical heads per rail with elliptical vibration.
  2. Penetration tools depth and squeezing time driven by computer in function of the track lift magnitude (patent pending).
  3. Universal leveling/lining clamp with 4 rollers for tamping in line, 2 hooks for tamping on switches and an automatic twist and gauge adjuster.
  4. The two dimension clamp movements correcting the geometry track errors are driven by computer that calculates the length to act in function of the pre-recorded track geometry (patent pending).
  5. Absolute system for measuring the position of the track (distance and level) in relationship to a fix point (i.e. catenary's pylon) at a speed up to 120 km/h (patent pending).
  6. Device for measuring the ballast compactness during tamping with the possibility to adjust and correct the insufficient results obtained (patent pending).
  7. Track geometry measurement system for recording, out of tamping works, with a speed up to 120 km/h and for checking the realized geometry during tamping.
P.S. Due to the new conception of this tamper, the usual reference system existing on the today's machines is no longer needed.
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